Mod Contest 17 - John Deere 6250R

Started this 6R a while ago now, but kept it quiet incase I didn't get it done for the contest. Its a completely different model from the old 6150R that was entered into the FS13 modcontest. Unfortunately I did run out of time, you will notice a few of the textures need a bit of work, but nothing that will take away from the experience. Noticed a few other issues too that I will fix for a V2 soon after the contest.

  • Dirt, AO, specular textures
  • 6250R and 6230R variations
  • IC controls - Doors, windows, adjustable drivers seat. moveable backrest, foldable passenger seat, adjustable mirrors
  • Changeable wheels - Standard, wheel weights, row crops, dual wheels
  • Design configurations - Panoramic roof, Starfire receiver, extra lights package, B pillar / small left door. Several configurations of these are available, but not all possibilities.

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback, and suggestions for changes for the V2.Sam


JCB 526-56 - Download now!

With narrow spaces, slippery ground and heavy workloads, the agricultural environment represents a unique challenge for operators and their machinery. The new JCB 526-56 AGRI Loadall is a telehandler that’s designed to meet this challenge head-on. Compact dimensions, incredible manoeuvrability, unparalleled build quality and all-day operator comfort are just the beginning.

Download here!

€52000 - price
€30 - upkeep
Hardpoints - Window guard and flashing lights
Interactive control
3 steering modes
4 speed powershift gearbox
RPM raises when the loader is being moved
Hydraulic pipe script for loader attachments and trailers
AO, normal, specular, cubemap and dirt textures

Poly count - 31874

Model, texture, in-game - SamN Modding
Scripts - Xentro, SFM Modding, ARM

JCB526_56.zip - 13.7 MB   Keep the original link.


WIP JCB 526-56

Work in progress, stay tuned for more details!


New Holland weight

Its been sitting on my computer for a while, and didn't take a lot to finish. Enjoy.

€900 - price
€2 - upkeep
AO, specular, cubemap and dirt textures

nhWeightSamN.zip - 951 KB


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all fans of SamN Modding! I hope you've all had a good Christmas.

Here is a new year gift to you all - a toolbox.